Horticultural Services


Need help with your horticultural projects? Below is a small sample of the different ways we can help you.



Without question pruning is the most daunting task in the care of your woody plant material, but properly pruned plants will thrive for decades. Check out our Pruning Tips to get you started, if you think you still need help contact us for a free consultation.



Our team can help with your planting projects, if its one plant or a whole landscape worth of plants.


Planting Design

Proper plant placement is a key step to the future success of your home landscape. Its no secret that a beautifully landscaped property will add value to your home, but the right plant in the right location will save a lot of future hassle. Far too often our work involves removing plants that were placed with good intentions but have out grown their locations. With literally hundreds of thousands of plants being produced, there is a plant for every location. Our advice can point you in the right direction, and give you a landscape that will grow and mature for many years into the future.



We have maintained ornamental plants in nearly every scenario imaginable, from world-renowned botanical gardens, large commercial properties indoors and out, estates and a huge variety of residential properties. We provide weekly, seasonal or as needed garden maintenance.


Online Plant Catalog

Don't forget we have hundreds of plants available in our online plant catalog. Check them out today!