Schubert Cherry

Schubert Cherry

Prunus virginiana 'Schubert'

Size: 50mm Wire Basket

*other sizes available*
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Height & Spread: 30' x 20'
Hardiness Zone: 3

Plant Description: A selection from the native chokecherry, used for its colorful foliage. A great tree for the bird lover as late season fruit attracts them in droves. White flowers emerge in early spring with a backgroung of green leaves before the heat of Summer turns the leaves red.

Uses: Specimen, shade tree, wildlife

Light: Sun (part-shade)

Flowers: White, very showy
Bloom Time: April

Fruit: red choke cherry, attracts birds

Foliage: Green then turns to red by summer

Culture: A good medium size tree with lots of ornamental features. Grows in average soils and full sun but will take part-shade. May sucker from the base of the tree and can get tent catapillars.

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